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10 Girls after, 12 Minutes, 12t Sushi, 169°, 2BAD, 2nd C, 2 D, 20 Days Dull, 2nd Floor Elevator, 3-6-5, 3 Monkeys, 360 Degree, 4 Horizons, 41 Grad, 4evil, 4Fliegen, 5 Vor 12, 5$ Haircut, 600 Pounds Of Joy, The 60's Revival, 6ct Humour, 90 Grad


A 8, A Throne For Elyas, A Treatment Reason, AAT, Aarang, Ab an'away, ABC Diabolo, Abigail, Absent Minded, Achaia, Acoustic Reason, Action, Ad-mortem, Addicted Mind, Adiaphora, Admiral, Adrian, The Aerials, Aeroplane, Affliction, Afropolar, Agamemnon, Against All Gods, Against Remain, Age Of Distrust, Ageless, Agent Orange, Aggrobarden, Aids, Airborn, Akut!, AlBaCaDe, Albert's Small Band, Aldi West, Alexis in Texas, Alive, All But The Lips, All Fool's Day, All Lies Died, The All Stars, All Things Are Beautiful, Allegria, The Alligators, Alu Baba, Alte Kameraden, Die Alten Postleitzahlen, Altes Eisen, Altmetall, A.Martinez, Amaranth, Amazing Haze, Amentet, Ampson, Ancient Gods, And I Saw The Desolation, And Plagues Will Follow, And The Conquerors of Saint Jones, Angels Cry, Anger Management Program, Angst Band, Ankry Simons, Annacover, Annie, AnoiseCrate, Anord, Another Guardian Angel, Anständige deutsche Frauen, Anthems Of Despair, Anti Frustschutz Band, Antrax, The Anyone, Anyway, The Apemen, Apollo 5, Apple Scruff, Appleknockers' Flophouse, Approved, April's A, April's Tears, Aqua Ardens, Aquaplaning, Aquarius, Arctic Winter, Armageddon Over Night, Aroma Feucht, Art Of Gerfros, Art Of Schwanengesang, Articull, An Assfull Of Love, As Soon As Possible, Ascalar, Ascension, Ashtalon, Asozial im Weltall, Asto Vidatu, Astonishing, At The End Of Eden, Atlantique IV, Atrox, Attitude, A.U.G.S, Die ausgespuckten Klosteine, Auslaufmodell, Ausser Rand and Band Band, Ausser Ränd änd Bänd Bänd, Automat, The Autumn Art Festival, Autumn Myst, Autumnblaze, Autumnight, Avalanche, Avebury Circle, Avalon, Avenger, Avenue, Averell, Avoided, Away Linked, Axiom.


B.abuse, B-Seite, B-Sides, B-Stinged Butterfly, B.I.D., Ba-Rock, Babbel Gamm, Baby Lou, Back from Silence, Back To The Roots, Backerstreet, Background, Backstubb Boyz, Bad Idea, Bad Influence, Bad Intention, Bad Man's Blues, Bad Taste, Badge Live!, Badname, Bagdad Pussies, Baggy Trousers, Baked, Bakehouse Basement, Ballbreaker, The Ballroom Heaters, Balou, Bamby, Banana Jammers, Banana Joe, Bandhouse, Banished Force, Die barmherzigen Plateausohlen, Bartok, Bastard, Battercup, B.B. Jay Project, BBQ Blues Band, The Be, Beagle Boys Blues Band, Le beat, Beat on the rocks, Beathoven, Beathovens, Beatles Revival Group, Beatnicky & the Soulraiders, Beatniks, The Beavers, Beit Yossef, Bela Lugosi, Belisha Beacon, Belmondo, Benefit, Berliner Blau, Bermudadreieck, Bermuda Zen, Bernstyn, Berti's Beatpatrol, Berserk Inc., Besseralswie, Besserwisserboys, Best Of You, Andrea Bettinger Band, Betty Ford Capri, Beyond Darkness, Beyond Horizon, Beyond Serenity, Biene Kabine und die Gummiband, Big Buddha, Big Jim & The Twins, Big King Dolby, The Big Noise, Billy Boys Orchestra, Bionic 4, The Birds, Bitch Warning, Biting Butterflies, Bitter Atonement, Bitter Brothers, Black Boys, Black Diamond / Violet Rose, Black Forest, Black Ghosts, Black Hole, Black Hole Raven, Black Medium, Black Rose, Black Smile, Blackbirds, Blackeyed Blonde, Blackout (I), Blackout (II), Blackpool, Blacksnake, Bladie Mae, Bläckout, Bleed Into One, Blendfaktor 8, Blendiman, Blies Blues Band, Die Bliesbrieder, Blind, Blind Alley, Blind Faith, Blind Joe & The Drunken Rats, Blind Obsession, Blind Owl, Blinding Pain, Blingpoint, Blizzard, Blood Angel, Blood For Betrayal, Blood For Eve, Bloodcraving, Bloodsport, Bloodsucker, Bloona Incontinentia, Blown, Blubb, Blue, Blue Animal, Blue Cross, Blue Mood, Blue Room Forbidden, Blue Shadows, Blue Velvet, Bluebirds, Blueprint, Blues Brothers Band Project, Blues Expensive, Blues Impression, Bo Oskarsson, Bodenlos, Bodenlose Frechheit, Bodicea, Bodyguards, Boner, Boomerang, The Boogie Balls, Boogie Bastards/Boogie Masters, Booze Up, Borderline, Bossa´68, Bottlenex , Braddock, Brands Hatch, Break Your Silence, Breakbeatpunk, Breathless, Breeding Down, The Breeze, Bremsspur, Brennstoff, The Bricks, Brigada, Brimstone Butterfly, The Britain Flags, Britney, Broken Bones, Broken Glass, Broken Minded, Bronson Norris, Brothers Of Metal, Bruise, The Brutal Truth About Johnny D'Angelo, Bryxton, Bubblemaker, Bubble & Squeak, Buchenwald, Bunker Band, Burn (I), Burn (II), Burning Aces, Burning Balls, Burning World, The Burnouts, Burt, Burundi Event, Bushfire, The Butlers, Buzzwall.


Cabman, Cælifera, Caine, Les Cajons, Caldera, The Call Up, Calvary, Campfire, Cancer, Call the Police, Candymen Duo, Candy'n'Sky, Capo, Cappa Orange, Capsize, Captain Brandy, Captain Risiko, Captain Spaulding, Captain Sperrmüll, Captain Uterus And His Aborts, Captain Volleyball, Carbolic Smokeball, Careen, Cargo Station, Carolina Dreams, Caroline And The Cockroaches, Carpet Four Studio, The Carreras, Carrie, Cashmir, Casino Zero, The Castle Kings, Cat Scratch Fever, Catherine Wheel, Cavajanes, Ceci n'est pas une pomme, Cecilia, Celesta, Centre Ville, Century Fox, Chaco, Chaindizer, Chair 24, Chairwalk, Challenger, Challenger Crew, Champoreau Bluesband, Chandler, Change, Change The World, Changes, Chantz Of Noise, Chaos, Chaotic Brothers, The Chaps, Charleene, Charyzz, Chase Away, Cheap Competition, Cheekbones, Cheeno, Les Chemises Bleues, Cherokee, The Cherokees, Thee Cherylinas, Chesters Orchester, Cheyenne, Les Cheyennes, Chicks With Dicks, Chico y los hombres, The Chiefs Of Nothing, Children´s Dream, Chimaera, Chinaskis Revenge, The Chinks, Chio Schlips, Chocolat Bleu, The Choice, Choose Your Side, Christmas, Chromopila, Chronische Koniker, Chronos, Cindy & Bert, Cinema, Cinq a sec, Citro, City Rock Project, Citylimit, Civil Service, Cleavage, The Clerks, Clipper, The Clouts, CoalRavenBlack, Code Message, Collapse, The College Sluts, Color Party, Colored Nightmare, Colour To The World, Colourparty, Come Up Screaming, Comeback, Comotio, The Complete Unknowns, Complication, Confused, Confusion, Connection, Contraproduktivität, Control, Cool Down, Cooter Brown, Copies, Crazy June, Corpse Grinder, Corvette, Cosmic Angels, Cosmic Cruiser, Cottone, The Counts, Coxswains, Thee Cozmic Elektras, Cranville, Crash My DeVille, The Crazy Tools, Creative Intelligence, Creme 80, Creme Fraiche, The Crew, The Crime, Crippled Flower Garden, Crips, Crises, Crispies, Cristin Birthday, Critical Mass, The Crocks, The Crocodile Cowboys, Crossed Mind, The Crossing Over, Crosspoint, Crosstalk, Crowd of Isolated, Crowpicker, Cruise Missile, Crying Creed, Cryme, Cube, Crystal Rose, Cynical Bastard, Cyteria.


D-fekt, D'hemm, Bernd Dahlmanns Group, Daikatana, Daily Riot, Damaged Brains, Dampfhammer, Dana Nemb, Dantesse Lyon, Darion, Dark Night, Darkness, Darkslide, Das Assi, Datashock, DaVinci, Dawn After Death, Dawn Over Graveyard, Day One, Day4, Daydream, DDD, DDR, Dead End Street, Dead End Tragedy, Deadload, Death Squad, Decay, Decent Party, The Dee, Deedoo_S, Deja Vu, Demon Incarnate, Demons Seed, Denial, Desart, Designed for Murder, Desire-live, Desert Storm, Desperate Cry, Desperations End, The Destroyers, Destruent, Detractor, Deus Ex Machina, Deviltrax, deZent, The Diamond Dogs, Diary Of A Madman, Didi King Gaga, Didis Halli Galli Band, Dies Irae, Different Minds, Diggymig, Digital Desire, The Dirt, Dirt Floor, Dirty Blum, Dirty Business Boys, Dirty Rodriguez, Disabused, Disaster Area, Disco Fro Club, Discovered, Dislocate, Displaced Heroes, Diva, Divan, Divergence, Diving Horizons, Dizzy Jane, Dizzy Thang, DNA, Doc Daniels, Doctor Kong, Dogbreath, Dog eat Dog, Dogs'N'Cats, Donson, The Don't Cares, Don't Kill the King, DoodleBugGroove, Doozer, Dopamin, Doppelherz, Doppelich, Dorn, Double Point, Double Uplift, Double Vision, Double You, Down Under, Down-Sphere, Downright Dirty, Dr. Bock, Dr. D., Dr. Geek And The Freakshow, Dr. Grey Reanimation, Dr. Horst & The Firemeiers, Dr. Nano & The Masters Of Rock, Dr. No, Drag Down, Dragon's Tongue, Dreamer, Dreaming In The Dark, The Dreams, Die drei kleinen Schweinchen, Die 3 Lustigen 2, Dreiklang, Dreist, Dritte Halbzeit, Drop Of Rage, DropSkins, Drosophilia, Drunken Roosters, Dry Lloyd, DSL, Dumpling Patrol, Dun Garbha, Duotronic Synterror, Durango 95, Dusk, Dyer’s Eve, Dying Culture, Dysfunctional.


E-605, E-bola, Ear Extension, Earache my Eye, Earl, Earl Grey, Earl Kaiser, Earls, Easy Chair, Easy Wedda, Ebony In Flames, Edge Of Insanity, Effected, Egg Mac Muffin, Egwag, Eh-Wurschd, 8 Balls, Einstein, El Niño, Elaine, Elec3, The Election, Electric Babyland, Electric Gods Club, Electric Remedy, Elektrosmog, Elenor, Elephone Sceleton Session Club, Eliza Day, Elliot, Elm F. & The Rookies, Elroy, Emerald City, Emily's Insane, Empire, Empire Dawn, Encrypt, End Of All Daze, End Of Depression, The End of Grey Sky, The End Of Music, End of the Gun, Ending Seasons, Endless Void, Enema Bandit, Engelfangen, Enter The Phoenix, Entera, E-Pigs, Epic, Epilogue, Equatronic, Equilibrium, Erect, Erg Chech, Eridu, Errol Flynn, Error, Ersatzkanzler Elvis und die Himbeerbuben, La Escoria, Estragon, Eternal Nightmare, Etna, Everment, Everyday Circus, Exakt, E.X.P., Exbluesive, Excess, Excited, Excrement, Existenzangst, Exit Over Wings, The Experience, Expiration, Exploding Giants, Explosiv, Extasy, Extern, Extinction Avenue, Extrabreit Revival Band, Extrascharf, Extreme Noise, Eyesight.


F.I., The Fabs, The Fabulous Blues Kings, Factory, Fadenkreuz, Fahnenflüchter, Fahrenheit X, Die Fahrt von Holzminden nach Oldenburg, Failing The Topic, Faint Light, Fairfax-Musik, Fairwater, Fairytales, Faith In Darkness, Fake, Fake Smile, Falconmill, Falcons, Fall Of Man, Fallen, Fallout, The Famed Strawberries, Familie Callahan, La Famille LeRock, Famous Duke Asshole, Far Out, Farewell, Farraige, Fasar, The Fashion, Fast Fashion, Fat Fish, Favorits, Feedback, Feetless Hands, Feinkost, The Fellows, Fen Fire Effect, Fette Jahre, FF&FF, FHS, Fiat Yod, Fifty-Fifty, Fillmore Blues Band, The Final Cut, Final District, Final Heat Band, Finding Faith, Finishing Stroke, Fire Across Troy, The Firebirds, Firing Line, First 2 Die, First 8, Fish By Force, Fishball, Fishball & Band, Fishfingar, Fist Of Change, The Fisters & Their Sisters, Five Baby Pisseuses, Fix & Fertig, Flabbergaster, Flacmans Port, The Flake, The Flames, Flaming Entity, The Flaming Stars, Flap Nuff, Flares, Flash, Flashback, The Flashlight Adventures, Les Fleurs Du Mal, Flitzer, Flokati Demons, The Flow, Flower Children, Flowers Can Burn, Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers, Fly Gone Flake, Flying Fornicators, Fly2Fall, The Fogs, Folga, Foolin' Around, For Sale, Forbidden Playground, Forbidden Room, Forbidden Turn, Forever Young, Forgotten Rites, Formeika, Four Of A Kind, Four On The Floor, Four Piece Puzzle, Foretregg, Fractical Illusion, Fragcount, Fragmendead, Frank Farian & die Schatten, Frankenstein, Freak Out, Fred, Freedom Freakomania, Freewheelin Franklin, Frei, Freight Harvest, Freitod, French Kiss, Fresch Ab, Fresh, The Freshmen, Freya Band, Friends of Carlotta, Friendship, Fringe Area, Frisbee, Frisco Fire, Frisco so far, Fritz Lakritz, Fritz & The Blues Cats, The Frog, The Frogs, From Hearsay, Frontmen, The Frox, Fruit, Frumpelschotzen, Fuckmonkeys, Fuel, Fürbaß, Fuhrmann 4, Full Range, Fun, Funeral Spirits, Funk o` Mango, Funkaholics, The Funkgerät, Funktion, Funky Garage, Furoja, Fuse, Fuse10Amps, Fussfrisch, Fuzzy Jones.


G-Soxx, Gäa, Gafric, The Gain, Galadan, Galaxy, The Gambles, Game Over, Gangmen, Gansnrosa, Garelli Explode, GaSket, Gasolina, Gate, Gate Five, Gatter, GaZZoline, Gefühllos, Generation Five, Genocide, Georg Holzers Einzelhandelsgruppe, The German Shapes, German Touch, Germany Beat, Get Crazy, Get the Rat, The Ghost Riders, Giant Overdose, Gift Of Sickness, Gilla, Gin Tonic & the Nankers, The Gipsies, Glass Opening, Glazed Finish, Glittergang. Gloomy Gaslight, Glückspiraten, Gnadenlos 2nd Edition, God Of Desire, Godslave, GoGo Space Monkeys, GOHZ, Going To Nowhere, Goldlack, Golgatha (I), Golgatha (II), Good Stuff, Goose Fat, Gored, Gough, Grablicht, Grabstein, Graad Selääds, Graf Zahl, Los Gran Cojones, Grand Mal, Grandma Death, Grandmas Bluesband, Gravety, Gravity, Greed, Greedy Bees, Green Sky, Green Wave, Greencard, Grey Elephant's Plastic Blues, Grobblech, Groove Bandits, Groovetease, Grossartig, Der Große mit dem Kleinen, Group Forever, Grüner Tee, Grumpy, Gruppe Zogel, The Guests, Guitarmen, Gummiplätzchen, The Gump, Günz & Mündel, Guts.


H.B.T., Haddock, Haddocks, Hännes 2 Society, Haight Ashbury, Half Past Dead, The Hall Of Souls, Halleluja And The Drowning Fish, Hallo Rakete, Ham Roll Police Group, Hammerfish & Rubbelyogi, Handmade, Hans Musikant, Hansi Bierdo, Happy Guitar, Happy Music, Happy People, Harakatz & Ali, Hard Lust, Hard 2 Handle, Hardcut, Hadrian's Wall, The Hardtops, Harmonic Heyday, Harmonizer, Harridan, Harry And The Hornets, Hateclub, Hausmacher, Head End, Head Over Heels, Headcleaner, Headlight, Headly Grange, Headshot Beauties, Headstone, The Heartbeats, Heartbreakers, Heartware, Heaven Can Wait, Heaven´s Hell, Hedwig Redlich und das ideale Pausenbrot, Die Heizer, Heizöl, Helena, The Hell, Hellbent On Rocking, Hellfire, Hellowed, Her Prayers Fail, Heralder, Herberd, Herbert & The Molto Fill Brothers, The Heretics, The Hermits, Herzkasper, Hexeschuss, The Hicadoolas, Highball, High Headz, High James, High Tension Attack, Highfish, Highway Control, Hinterwald Ätz Band, Hired Souls, His Statue Falls, Hiscoop, Hobos In Tails, Hobson's Choice, Hölle, Hole, Hole In One, The Holy Bing Bang, Holy Hydra, The Homepages. Les Hommes Volants, Honeymoon Killers, Hooks, Hopeless Shame Band, Horizon, Horrorscope, Horugel, Horus, Hot Fudge, Hot Rod Rebels, Hot Screams, Hotnews, Hotzenplotz, How To Do Water Colors, Hugo, Human Groove, Humes-Cross, Hungrige Herzen, Hungry, The Hunters, Hurb, The Hurricans, Hush Puppies, Hynkel Party.


I Heard The Silence, I killed my dear, I Like Birds, Icarus, Icon, Identity, Ignaz, Iguasu, Ill-used, Impact, Impala, Impending Dread, Impress, in flagranti, In The Event Of Fire, Incapable Distillers, Inch Of Ground, Incognito, Incroyable, Independent, Indian Bone Heads, Indicator, Indian Summer, Infected, Infernal Boozer, InfiNight, Infinite Dark, Infinity, Inkomplex, Inner Clown, Inner Logic, Inner Riot, Innocence, Innuendo, Inside, Instant Mash, Interpol, In The Event Of Fire, Introduction, Into the Void, Invader, Invain, Invokation, Inzucht, Ipcress, Irrrsinnn, Itchi Inchi Bitchi Boo.


Ja! Ja! Ja!, Jack-a-napes, Jack In The Green, Jack Strake, Jääbs, Jakes, Jamfare, Janes Shadow, Jaspis, Jasy B., The Jaw, Jaywalker, Jeff, Jelly Toast, Jennifer, Jenny Inc., Jestan, Jesus Cries, Jesus Flow, Jethro, The Jetpacks, Jets, Jezebel Child, Jimmy Chicago, Joe Bloggs, Joe´s Garage, Johnboy, Joker, Joker's Drive, Jolly Roger, Jollycaster, Jotch und Pepp, Joystick, The Jugglers, Juice, Juicy Lucy, Juicy Oranges, Julia's Trace, Juliet, July's Butterfly Scream, Jumping Nuts, Die jungen Scheisser, Jungkraut, Junior's Blues Band, Junkie, Just For Fun, Just For Hate, Just Married, Just The Way It Is, Justin Thyme.


K.Punkt Adenauer, Kabelbrand, Kaktus, Karcher, Kasperle eingeweckt, Kassiopeia, Kater Karlos Kaos Kombo, Katyn, Kellketter, Dave Kelly & the Incrowd, Kelso, Kentai Moves, Kernkraft, KGB Blues Band, Kick Joneses, Kid Chino, Kill Daisy Jane, Kill Ugly Radio, Killed By Accident, Killed By Malaise, Killflavour, Klaus Kihl Band, Kim, The Kings, Kings of Disaster, Kingsize Canary, KinKoK, Kinky Brown, Kiss Me Tiger, KJ, Klabautermann, Kleinlaut, Kloppstock, Köders Schrottshow, Kommando Keule, Kommando Udo Bausch, Die Konsorten, Kopfhöra, Krallfrosch, Krank Xerox, Krempels, Kritische Masse, KSP Sprengelfetz, Kundenzentrum, Kunterbunkel, Kurt kommt, Kuschelweich.


L.E.O., L.S.D.A.P., L.U.N.A.T.I.C., La femme and the sweet little heart attack, LA Got The Blues, Laaf Dappa, Lacuna, Laggan, Lame Brain Pete, Lami A, Lancelot, Landfunk, Lane, Lanebeaters, Larry Otter, Last Order, The Last Supper, Lax, Leer, Leergut, Legal Subs, Légumes Radicals, Lemon Soul, The Leslies, Lesscase, LessCupid, Letter Experiment, The Levis Crew, Ley Gaga Show, Libido Overdose, Libido Overdose & the Sexual Spastics, Lichtenberg, Lie Awake, Lifefields, Lifeline, Light Brigade, The Lightnings, Lights 25, Lights At Amber, Like Mary Sue, Lincoln Drive, Line, Lineker, Linger, The Lions, Liquid 25, Liquid Onion, Lithium, Little Town Blues, Llynch, Loaded Younx, London Busker, Longs and Shorts, Loony, Lora Lloyds, Lord Latex And The Leathergang, The Loreleys, Lost Angels, Lost Famous, Lost In The Flames, Lou & The Natics, Louis Cypher, Love Explosion, Lovermat 548, Low IQ, Lowkast, Lowdown, Luca Brasi, Lucid, Lucky Losers, Lucy Gang, Lunapark, Lunar Womb, Lunchtime Strippers, Lunettes Rouges, Die 3 Lustigen 2.


M.I.L.D., M.I.S.S., Mad Condition, Mad Dreams, Mad Gang, Mad Session, Mad Square, Madcap, Maddes, Maddox, Madison, Mäcbeth, Magic, Magic Groove Band, Magical Blues Band, Magman & the Cool Tones, Magnamerra, Magnorya, Das Maiglöckchenmassaker, Mainstreak, The Maja Project, Majkallica, Make Up, Malibu Stacy, Maloik, Mammut, Mango-Maracuja, Manhunt, Manic D., Manifestation, Maple Neck, Marakesh, March Into Oblivion, Marianengraben, Mariner, Mars Project, Marx, Rootschilt und Tillermann, Mary Pranksters, Mashpee, Mask, Masquerade, Massive Punch, Mastermen, Mastermind, Mastermind XS, Matchbox Supernova, Maw, The Max Barth Band, Max Monkey, Maxwell Smart, Mayday, Maze Maroon, Meanwhiled, Meat My Mum, Medicine Valley, Medusa, Meet The Beat, Megaera, Meierkurt, Meine guten Junxx, Meine Mutter nennt mich Thunder, Mel W. und die Rockschnüffler, Melem, Melodic In Fusion, Melph, Meltdown, Membran, Memento, Memorial Park, Memory Dance Band, Memphis Sextrain, The Men To Bang, Menace To Society, Mensch, Mental, Mental Drops, Mental Illness, Mental Tearing After 9, Mephisto, Merrybeats, Mersey Group, Meskalin, Messenger, Metakilla, Metal Addiction, Metallican Warrior, Metaman, Metropolitain, MI-6, Mia Risa, Michael Kiessling Band, Micky Rats, Microfish, Midlife Crisis, The Midnight Ramblers, Midnight Sun, Mikromoon, Miller's Crossing, Mills Of God, Mind The Gap, Mindfear, Mindless, MindOrama, Mindscape, Mirrors Of Oblivion, Les Mis En Bouteille, Misericordia, The Missing Link, Missverstanden, Mizzie And The Rough Boys, Modern World, Möfahead, Mohasky, Mojo Work, Mole, Molten Crown, MOM, Monastery, Monday Crush, Monkey On Fire, Monsexe, Monty Verdi, Moonshiners, Moony Reptiles, Morbid Vision, Mordek, Moritury, Moritz Z, Moritz Z und Scheraldini, Mos Eisley, Moskoviter, Most Hated, Mother Nature, Motorfett, Movement Of Decline, Mr. Crab, Mr. Grabstein, Mr. Inman, Mr. Snoid's Symphonic Orchestra, Mr. Weatherbe, Mr. What, Msn Manifestation, MTA & Friends, M Theresas kaltes Buffet, Muddy Porcupines, Muddy Proud, Müller XIV., Müslikrieg, Müssler Dü, Mufasa Ozara, Munitionsdepot, Murderskull, Murmaider, The Murphy Surf, Musical of Depression, Mustang 666, Mutterschutz, Muzak, My Favourite Insanity, My Goofy Cousin Cedric, My Own Disaster, My Cat Is Emo Too, My True Love's Blood, My Vacancy, Myhero, Mysterium, The MZG's.


N-DUR, Nady, Naked Lunchies, NAP, Nasty Habbits, Natchez, Natterjack And The Lost Passengers, Navelfluff, NCC, Near Death Experience, Necroticism, Nefeariuz, Negative White, Neglected Ethics, Nemesis, Neo Phlegma, Neox, Nero, the Silent, Nerven, Neuschwanstein, Neutral, Never Arise, Never Before, The Never Mind, Nevermind the Bomb, New Breed II, New Diamonds, New Substance, New Trail, New Way, Nexo, Nice Miller Band, Niemand, Nightbirds, Nightfall, Nightingale, Nihil Novi, Nihil Obstat, Nimm Zwei, Nion, Nixfürungut, NNP, !No!, ¡No Pasarán!, No Ability, No Comment, No Confusion, No Disgrace, No Fate, No Hope, No Idea, No Justice, No Mans Heroes, No More Second, No Names, No One Knows, No Outfit, No Practice, No Sale, No Way, No Way Out, No XQS, Nobody's Fool, Nobody's Voice, Nocturnal Opera, Noisemakers Fife, Noisy Fishes, Noisy Garage, The Noiz, Non Plus Ultra, Non Sense, None of Them, Noraid, North From Here, Not For Real, Not For Sale, Not In The Text, Die Notärzte, Notting Hill, Nowhere, Noxen, Nullkern, Nurse, Nursery Slope, Nuttin' Toulouse.


O Captain! My Captain, O'Melly, Oaks Music, Oblivion, Obsidian, Occasion To Breathe, Odd Man Out, OE Kapelle, Ödipus Rex, Ödga, Ohm, Oi-nk!, Oku And The Reggaerockers, Old Future Blues Band, Old Pagan, Oliver Twist, On Stage, On The Rocks, On.Off.Error, The Once Forgotten, One Minute To Hospital, One Night Stand, Open Up The Red Box, Operation Plastique, Optima, Orange Audible Disaster, Orange Juice Corporation, The Orange Squashes, Orange Toulouse, The Orangemen, Orbit, Orcus Odour, Oscestra, Out Of Rain, Out Of The Blue, Outrage, Overdose Bluesband, Overdrive, Overfiend, Overmind, Over Thirty, Owambo, Oxymoron.


P.O.W.H., P4, PA, Pagan Winter, Paint The Town Red, Painted Black, Palatinate, Palim Palim, Pallas, Palmchat, Pamplinas, Pandora Sunday, Panic Crowd, Panic P, Panic Penguins, Panos Tantacos, The Parachutes, The Paradine Case, Paragon Of Beauty, Paragraph 51, Paranoia, Parasight, Parole Chicago, Partners In Crime, Pas Op Stop, Pascow, Passion Play, Past Party People, Patricide, Patrick And The Pakistanis, Pax Vobiscum, Peace Planet, Peaceful Fight, Peaceful in Heaven, Peaches & Cream, Peard, Peel, Peer Gynt, Peerless, Peers, Pegasus, The Penny Boys, Pentagon, Peppermint 5, Perfect Picture, Perler Boygroup, Peter, Peter & The Players, Petty Crime, The Phantoms (60s), The Phantoms (70s), Phase IV, Philharmonic-Brass-Ensemble, Phobos, Phönix, Phoenix Plan, Photograph, Physical Star, Pick Us, Die Pietels, Pinball, Pink Chili, The Pink Floyd Project, Pirate Radio, Pirates Of Love, The Pistons, Pit Fish And The Chips, Placebo Aliens, Placing A Heavy Demand, Plague Cycle, Planet Claire, Planet Earth, Das Planimsack, Planke, Plastic Motion, Platinia, The Plot That Killed Kennedy, Plug´n´Pray, The Poets, Point of Ayre, Point Of Inflection, Poison Oak, Pony Farm, Poodle Explosion, The Pool, The Poor Boys, Porcupine, Pornid, Portrait, Potomac, Power, Powerhead, Powerwolf, Prankster, Pray To The End, Pregnant Barbie, Prelude, Presto, Pretty Aunts, Pretty Lightning, The PrettyBeats, Prima, The Prime, Prince Schales & The Royal Poor, Princess, The Principles, Prinzessin Halts Maul, Prisma, Prison Bound, Privatbrauerei, Private Pony, Pro-Laid, Problemzone, Procyon, Professor Branntwein, Profile, Project Lithium, Projekt K8, Projekt Rotzpunk, Projekt Zwo, Prolligans, Provinz, Prozac, Pseudoboys, Psyched Age, Psycho-Rats, Psychopilot, Psyklops, Public Schmidt, Puma, Pure Bug Beauty, Pushpop, Pussy Magnet, P.W.Arktis, Pyjama People, Pyramid.


Qadro, Quatropop, Queens & Sluts


Racer 57, Racers, Rackdolls, Racksnake, Radio 386, Radio Moskau, Radio Uruk, Radioactive Men, The Radiomatics, Radius210°, Raganan, The Ragdolls, Rage, Ragged Thus, Raidio, Raindog, Rainy Intervention, Ram, Rambozos, Ramoanes, Ramsgate, Raufaser, Rauhreif 213, Raumgestaltung, Rawface, Razor's Edge, RazorCharly, Ready To Rumble, Reaktor, The Real Damages, The Real Devils, Real Soulman, Reasonless, Rebelsoul, Rebirth, The Reborn, Rebound, Red Aim, Red Berrys, Red Car Radio, Red House, Red Rain, Redneck Agenda, Redundant, Reeky Hole, ReFlexx, Regenbogen, Reimheitsgebot, Relate, Reminder, Repeat, Repulsed, Rescue The Anne, Reservoir Dogs, Resistance Of Yield, Respect, Rest, Restless, The Resurrection, Retarded Törts, Reverend Groove And The Jazz Gang, Rhababapapa, Rharbarbar, The Rhythm Checkers, Riegelsberg Süd, Right On, Rino P., Rip 'n' Tears, Riptide & Joe Smoke, Rise Of Hope, Rise With The Lark, Riverbirds, Road To Kansas, Robinson And The Crusoes, Roccoast, Rock 'n' Gau, Rock Hospiz, Rock Pace, Rock Parade, Rockaholix, Rockbrothers & Scholl, Rocketfuel, The Rockets, Rockoko, Rockshox, Rocktails, Röchling, Rogue System, Rohrmoser, Roland Gebhardt Electric Jazz Gang, Rollickins, Rolling Bones, Rollsplit, The Romanoes, The Rookies, Room Service, Rootkid Or Tits And Death, Rosebutts, Die rostigen Ritter, Rostock, Rotten Gutz, The Rottens, Rough Mix, Rough Rider's Social CI, Route Sixty Six, Roxanne, Roy Dreck, The Royal Jugglers, RS Rindfleisch, Rubbicoon Trail, Rude Boys, Rumble Fish, Run & Hide, Run For Cover, Rusty Nail.


S.H.E., Saangoo, Saar-Rock-Project, Saarbrück Libre, Saarfighter, Saarpreme, Saartana, Le Sac Ciment, Sad, Saddest Messiah, Sadistic, Saeven Sins, Safari Grünspan, Saitensprung, Saitenwind, Sally's Skin, Salvation, Sam, Samarah, Sammy Hohlblock und die 5 Sack Zement, San Francisco, Sander And Receiver, Satanic Voices, Satanic Verses, The Satellite Year, Satt Genn, Savage Sentence, Save Yourself, Savoir Vivre, Savoy Truffle, SB, The Scamps (I), The Scamps (II), Scandals, Scare Crow, Scarlett, Schaafa Sämpf, Schädel, Schätti Päät, Schake Mool, Schema F, Schindluder, Schlagzeile, Schmidtz' Magische Espresso Band, Schwefeldioxid, Scottish Flames, Scrap, Scrap Manufactory, Screaming Silence, Screen Out, Screw The Whole Machine Moses, Scum of Society, Scuzz, Sea Empress, Seasick, Second Floor Elevator, Second C, 2nd Side Of Story, Secondhandmen, Seejeb Lovers, Selbstklebend, Selected Fine, The Sensational Dubai Dance Band, Senseless (I), Senseless (II), Senso, The Séparée, Sequoia, Seraphim, Seraphs Fall, The Serpit, S-Folker-J, Session Group, Set In Motion, Seven Bowls Of Wrath, Seven Lasting Stitches,7 Roberts, Seventimes Out, Severity, Sexy Blue Devils, SFB, Shades Of Bright, Shadow Voices, Shadowplay, Shafott, Shamans, Shamrock, Shared, The Shark Bubbles, Shat Hippens, She, The Sheriffs, Shilly Shally, Shivertrip, Shockin Stevens, Shoreline Gold, The Shouters, Showdown 4 Uncle Gerold, Shpice, Sick Society, Sideways, Sidewaytown, Sigitari, Sigma, Silent Voice, Silent Voices, Silo-Project, Silver, Silver Bird, Sin/City, Sinalco Fluor S, Sincere, Sins´n`Rise, Sir Carlo And The Flames, Sir Moron & the Villains, Sir Watson, Siren's Legacy, The Sirs, Sissi Bokassa, Six And The City, Six O'Rock, Sixpack, Sixpack (II), SK 3 LE, Skafield, Skatanics, Sklaff, Skies Of Alaska, Skull Guys, Skunks, Sky Of Calvaria, Skyscrapers, Slake, Slakte, Slash, Slavery, Slaves Under Machine Gods, Sleeping Bag, Slimdown, Slizzard Lizzard, Slow Death, Slow Down, Slowhand Bluesband, Sludge, Sly'n'Boyle, Small State, Small Talk, Die Smartphoniker, Smash,Smaxxide, The Smoke Kings, Smurf, Snack Teddies, Snail Mail, Snakebite, Snaks, Snap-Shot, The Snobs, Snoopy's Search, Snowblind, So So, So What, Societas Noctis, Societys Fear, Sock Dolager, Soda Park, Sodoma, Sods, Solar Sirii Orchester 49, Sold Out, Solide State, Soma 3, Song Or Suicide, Sonic Dynamite, Sonic Fool, Sonic In Fusion, Sonic Season, Sons of Cthulhu, Sophiatown, Sore Point, Sorpresa, Soul Providers, Soul Whoppers, Soulresearch, Souldivers, The Sound Of Our Century, Soundshake, Source Of Destruction, Source Of Reality, South West Boro, Southbound, Sparetime Idealists, Sparrows, Spautz, SpecialFruits, Speed Bananas, Speedrecorder, Spellbound, Spermbirds, Sphinx, The Spiders, Spielbann, Spine, Spinks, Spiral, Spirals, Spire, Spirit Of Six, Spirit Station, Spirit Wanted, Spit, Spitfires, Spitzi und Freunde, Splash, Splayfoot, Splendid, Split Noise, Split Second, Spontan, Spontan (II), Spoon, Spread The News, Springtime, Sprout, Spy vs. Spy, Squilla Boxer, Srained, Stahlbanane, Stain, Star-Crossed Lovers, Stardust, The Starfighters, Stargate, Starklub, Stars, Stash, Steakknife, Steamer, Steamrollers, Steel Head, Steely Rods, Steep Drop, Stereohools, Stereolectric, Steve Hall & Band, Steve Hall & The Blues Power, Steve Sinner & The Reloaders, Stickboy, Stigmatized, Still, Still Crazy, Stitch, Stoke, Stol, StoneCreek, Stoned, Stoned Again, Stoned Voices, Stonehenge, Stonetable, Stonewashed, Stop Watch, Stormblade, Stormy Weather Connection, Stornokiller, Straight, Straight Ahead, Strange, Strange Days, Strangehead, The Strangers, Strassenkreuzer, Stratos, Strike The Flag, The Stringrippers, Stromberg, Stromkiller, Strong Minds, Studio Ottweiler, Studiorange, Stuffed Animals, Stupid, Stupid Girlfriend, Stush, Subetha, Subkultur, Submitto, SubRosa, Subsonic, Substance Of Shade, Subway, Subway Sex, Sunburn, Sunday, Sunday Circus, Sunlit, Sunny And The Outlaws, Sunny Side, Sunny Side Up, Sunrise, Sunset Super Session, Super Gouge, Super Star Planet, Superhorst, Supernaut, Supersonic Society, Supreme, The Surd, Surd Orchestra, Surprises, Surrender The Crown, Surrounders, Svarog, Swallow, The Swallows, S'Watch, Sway, Sweet And Violent, Sweet Acid, Switchblade, Symbiose, Synchoms, The Syncoms, Das Syndikat, Syndrom, Synthenphall, Synthesax, Syringa, Syrius, System Overload, Systematic Eradication.


T.A.I.M., The Tailfins, Take Five, Take It Easy, Tales Of Disease, Taletellers, Taletellers Soulsellers, Tante Amanda, Tanzkapelle Nauwies, Taste, Taurus, Team Spirit, Teamwork, Teaser, Teddy Pickers, The Teenage Guide To Popularity, Teenage Love Machine, Teenage Warhead, Teenagers from Mars, The Teens, Tell Your Mother, Temple On Seven Stones, Temple Project, Tempo, Tendenz, Tequila Sunrise, Terrible Headache, Tewned, Texican Funeral, Thanatos, The More We Fail, There Never, There Will Be No Justice, The(y) Fuck You, Thinking Creatures, Thin Line, The Third Trial, Third Twin, Thoast, Thodtgehoelz, Thonic, Thorny Roses, Thoughts Of The Past, Thoughtcrime, Thrainst, Three And A Half, The Three Lung Cars, three monkeys, Threnodia, Throwouts, The Thunderbirds, Thursday Club, Tiarks Onnen, Tick Trick & Strack, Tiefengrund, Tiefenrausch, Ties, TigAenten, The Tiles, Time Machine, Time Sharing, Time Square, Timeless, Tinnitus, The Tips, Titanic, To Come Down, Toad In Transit, Tod durch Müsli, ToGetHer, Token Ring, The Told, Tom Bombadil, Tomasu, Tomorrow, Tomorrow´s Eve, Tonabnehmer, Tonsport, Too Raw, Top Secret, Topsyturvy, Tora Tora Tora, Torn Stringz, The Torpedo Molecules, Totalgaz, Touchdown, Touristen, The Tower Ravens, Traeos, Traffic, Traffx, Tragedy Divine, Trains Of Thought, Traitor, Trash, Trash Can Flowers, Traumata, Traumzeit, Tres Hombres, Tri Shanti, Trial And Error, Trickster's Day, Triebwagen, Trigeminus, The Trinity, Trio mit 4 Fäusten, Trio infernal, The Triple B Blues Project, Trittelvitz, Trümmerhaufen, Trug Controle, Trust, Trust Me I Lie, Trying Blues, TS Squink, Tulip Tree, Tuned, Turd On The Run, Turkey, Turneight, Turok, Tush, TVC-One-Five, Tweety & The Bad Boys, Twilight, 2Bad, Two Balls Lost, Two Without.


Ugly People, Uhl, Die Uliz, Unbeschreiblich, Unchained, Uncle P., Uncle Perverted, Under Pressure, Under Cover, Under The Post Office, Une, Unforeseen, Unholy Airlines, Unit 1, The United Frogs, Unkraut, The Unluckies, Unpleasant, Uobogo, Up Ta Piece, Upheavel, Urban Hettich, Uriel's Wings, Urobaex, Ursprung, Us And Them, Uschi Veith Band, Useless, Uwe Peter Bande.


V.I.S., Vain Heroes, Vampires On Tomato Juice, Van Norden, The Vanilla Bourbon Band, Varus, Vax A Bitch, Vegas, Velvet, Ven Dease, Venus, Versatile, Die Verspannten, Vertical, Viagra Bluesband, The Victims, 4 Amigos, Vigilante, Vintundra, Violence, Violence Approved, Violent Breed, Violet, Violet Broken, Virginia Bluesband, The Vogues, Vollmilch, Volvox, von Herzzen, Voodoo Jack, Voodoo Lounge Act.


Der Wahn, Wahnsinn, Walking Down Brenton Road, Wallie Art, Wandelstern, Wanderreigen, Wanted, Warchild, Warchild X, Wasserfall K.G., Waste, Waste Makers, Wasted Time, Watch Out, Way Of Tears, Way Out, We Called Ghosts, We Changed Our Name, We Know The Risk,Weberknecht, Well, Well Done, Well Image Boys, Wells Fargo, Wermud, Werthsache, Whatever The Result, Whispering Pines, White Chocolate, White Shadow, White Tears, White Wedding, Who's Lisa, Who's Warped, Whole, The Whole Chance, The Whole Chance & The Serious Guys, Why Not, Wild Age, Wild Axes, Wild'n'Fool, Wild Thing, Wildcard, The WildFlowers, Willenlos, Willow Garden, Wintage, Winter, Wishing Well, Witch, Witch Burning, Witchhammer, Witching Hour, Wittumstrasse, Wohnblock D, Wolfchild, Wolke 7, Wood, The Wooden Latch, Woodhead, Woodpeckers, Woody Creek, Working Class Heroes, Working Class Kidz, Woyzeck, Wry Yelp.


X-Change, Xonx, X-Pression, X-Ray, Xtreme Confusion.


Yacht, Yagow, Yakuza Crew, Yer Blues, Yeti, Yojo, YOU, Young Blood, (All The) Young Droogs, The Young Shadows, Youngblood, Your Second Self.


Zack die Waldfee, Zakk, Zally B. Stoned, Zanker, Zartbitter, Zebany, Zebrastoff, Zen, Zensiert, Zerg, Zerosun, Zero Tolerance, Zina Travor Means, Zirkel Junger Musiker, Zone 30, Zwecklos.